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Florida Physician Supervision for Non-Physician Providers

by admin on August 26, 2019 No comments

florida physician supervisionBy: Chase Howard

In Florida, a licensed physician can provide supervision of healthcare providers that are not physicians under certain circumstances. Understanding who a physician can cover and under what circumstances can help protect your license and avoid receiving a complaint by the Florida Department of Health.

In every case, when a physician agrees to supervise another provider, Florida law requires certain documentation and notice to be filed.

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adminFlorida Physician Supervision for Non-Physician Providers

Florida Medical Spas: Regulators Look Beyond the Surface

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money syringeThere is no such thing as a “medical spa” in Florida.  True!  They are not uniquely licensed.  In fact, they are usually not licensed at all because (1) they are owned and operated by licensed healthcare professionals, and/or (2) they do not file claims for reimbursement with health insurers.  And they are not a regulated entity.

What then is a “medical spa”?  If you want the long answer, go here. The short answer is It’s simply a place where people receive traditional spa services (e.g. facials), plus many other medical procedures, typically focused on cosmetic services (e.g. hair removal, Botox).   It’s “medical” because of the nature of the services provided.  It’s “medical” because (ideally) physician supervision is woven into the business model.

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adminFlorida Medical Spas: Regulators Look Beyond the Surface

Join us in Miami!

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amspaWe are proud to join AmSpa and MBA on September 28, 2013, at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach, Florida for a full-day seminar featuring experts in the medical, legal, and marketing fields.

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adminJoin us in Miami!