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Provider Stop Loss Secrets Revealed

by admin on February 13, 2018 No comments

By: Matt Gracey, Guest Contributor

Are you in a capitated contract or thinking about one?

Negotiating capitated contracts is becoming more common with many medical groups these days.  With a dizzying array of data points that need to be examined and negotiated with the payors one huge item in the equations of at risk contracts is the reinsurance coverage, and boy is there some gold in this seemingly small line item among all that data!

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adminProvider Stop Loss Secrets Revealed

Asset Protection: Building Limits is the Best Defense

by admin on March 20, 2017 No comments

By: Susan St. John

Should you consider asset protection planning as part of your estate planning? The short answer to this question is yes if you have significant assets, will inherit sizable assets, or work in a profession that is routinely sued pursuant to medical malpractice complaints. In particular, healthcare professionals should go the extra mile when it comes to asset protection in light of the McCall and Kalitan cases out of the Florida Supreme Court and Fourth District Court of Appeals, respectively, invalidating the limit on non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases. So how can asset protection be accomplished?

Protecting your assets and preserving wealth can be accomplished through a variety of planning techniques. These techniques are used to protect assets from being wasted or levied against in a medical malpractice suit. Asset protection planning is part of estate planning, which should be reviewed whenever an individual has a significant change in life circumstances, becomes aware he or she will inherit a sizable investment or asset, or enters a profession that is considered to carry considerable risk.

The intent of asset protection is to protect assets from waste or exposure to potential creditors, without concealment or tax evasion. Asset protection can preserve wealth for use later in life or to be passed on to descendants, that is, children or grandchildren, or perhaps other family members.

Asset protection can be maximized through various vehicles such as:

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adminAsset Protection: Building Limits is the Best Defense