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What New Physicians Need to Know About a Physician Employment Agreement

by admin on October 24, 2019 No comments

physician employment agreementAttorney Chase Howard will host this live webinar designed exclusively for new physicians interested in learning more about the legal basics of physician employment agreements. He will provide valuable insight regarding recruitment, compensation, restrictive covenants, deal structure and more of the provisions contained in these contracts!

A physician employment agreement is often the first business test for those newly out of residency and can be a costly lesson if not approached with care. New doctors need to work with experienced counsel when negotiating their first physician employment agreement. Proper counsel will not only be able to advise regarding the terms and provisions included in the contract, but will often understand the employment climate well enough to know what may have been left out. From call requirements to insurance coverage and services, locations and hours, a physician employment agreement contains everything that will dictate the first few years of a new physician’s life out of residency.

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adminWhat New Physicians Need to Know About a Physician Employment Agreement

What’s Missing From Your Physician Employment Contract?

by admin on September 26, 2019 No comments

physician employment contractBy: Chase Howard

The average physician employment contract exceeds twenty pages, not including exhibits. While they all include basic terms related to compensation, length and restrictions, many simply do not contemplate important terms that have serious impacts on physician’s daily lives. A physician’s first employment contract is the most significant financial decision of their lifetime. The same can be said for each subsequent contract, which means that understanding, and negotiating, your contract is the most valuable investment you can make prior to entering into a contract.

To understand what’s in your employment contract, simply read it over a few times. To understand not only how those terms affect you, but also what isn’t in your contract, hire an experienced health care lawyer.

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adminWhat’s Missing From Your Physician Employment Contract?

More Than a Legal Look: The Business Implications of Recruitment Agreements

by admin on September 17, 2014 No comments

contractBy: Jackie Bain

Many lawyers have written extensively on the legal issues surrounding recruitment agreements, but there is an information gap out there between the discourse over the legal issues and how those issues make an impact on the actual business, the practice. When a practice decides to employ a new physician with the help of a hospital, the practice is essentially a business making a business decision. With that in mind, the practice must fully inform itself of the implications that a Recruitment Agreement will have on their bottom line.

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adminMore Than a Legal Look: The Business Implications of Recruitment Agreements