Physician Self Referral Statute

florida physician self-referral statute

The Florida physician self-referral statute and other laws were put into place to ensure that patient care was the primary focus of referrals and recommendations, not increased profits. It’s a good policy to have which ensures patients are presented with options that are best suited for their needs. However, many doctors are also entrepreneurs and they have the right to look for ways to grow their business, bring in more patients as well as income. If there is a legal way for you to do so, then why not? That raises the next question, what is actually legal? That’s where you do not want to get your information online from a few blog sites. Yes, they are a great place to go for a baseline of information but once you’ve read those you want to speak with an attorney for real advisement.

An example of how to use a blog site or information that’s available for free is with our own site. We have a blog updated weekly by our very own attorneys as well as a free webinar hosted by one of our attorneys each month. This information is updated, accurate and given to you to help you better understand changes in policy, new options and how to grow your business or prepare for new regulations. It’s a service we are happy to offer anyone who visits our site and we are happy to field any questions once you’ve viewed this information.

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm can help you find answers regarding the Florida physician self-referral statute to ensure that you are doing things by the book, know how you can expand and grow your business and how these rules are impacted by new opportunities in the field like telehealth. Contact us today or browse our blog for more information on this and other important topics.

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