Valery Bond

Program Director, RiskShield Tools

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“Efficiency, profitability, and exceptional outcomes are possible with an “Always Survey Ready” approach to operating a healthcare organization.

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Valery Bond, a Registered Health Information Technician, has built a lengthy, diversified career through many years of experience in the healthcare arena. With extensive healthcare operations, accreditation and compliance practice, she brings a wide diversity of knowledge, expertise, and skills in profitable revenue cycle reform. Valery has successfully turned non-profitable providers into lucrative businesses. Ethics and integrity in the healthcare industry is of utmost importance in both the appropriate delivery of service and provider reimbursement, as demonstrated through qualified compliance audits. Through data tracking, trending and benchmark utilization, she assists in implementing ‘Best Practices’ for provider achievement. She believes compliance is not only the foundation for a gainful return on investment, but also avails an “Always Survey Ready” stance for all healthcare organizations to manage efficiently, profitably, and with exceptional outcomes.

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