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“Growing up in a family of health care professionals, I learned the importance of helping others and serving the community. Now, as a health care lawyer, I love being able to help those professionals in my community as they focus on caring for others. I want to help dreams become reality and allow my clients to focus on delivering high quality care while knowing they are safely practicing and building their legacy”

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Not too long ago, when something would go wrong in a hospital, a patient’s medical record might note the facts of what had happened (“Mrs. Jones was found on the floor of her hospital room with a swollen wrist. An x-ray revealed a wrist fracture.”), while the hospital’s incident report would analyze why it happened in order to prevent further harm (“Orderly Green forgot to raise the guardrails on Mrs. Jones’ bed. Mrs. Jones fell out of her bed as a result of the displaced guardrail. Let’s put in place a policy that all guardrails must be raised if an orderly steps more than three feet from a patient’s bed.”). Should Mrs. Jones decide to sue the hospital, she and her attorney would have access to the medical record, but not necessarily the incident report.

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