Healthcare Business Transactions

Buying or Selling any healthcare business

Physicians and health care business owners face unique regulations as they purchase or sell practices or ancillary businesses. We advise our clients on a variety of issues related to purchasing or selling their practices, including:

What to Pay
How to Structure the Deal
Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

Partnership Buy-Ins & Buy-Outs

Bringing on a partner in business is not a decision to approach lightly. We regularly advise our clients on partnership issues unique to the healthcare industry and how to address them up front and head on.


Recruiting a physician to your practice is a large expense that is sometimes subsidized by a local hospital. We can help your practice to understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with such a venture, and how the Stark law applies in this situation.


Is your practice prepared to repay to the hospital any money earned in excess of the physician’s loan?
What exactly is the hospital’s guarantee designed to supplement?
Does the practice intend to employ the physician with a non-compete?
Can your practice afford to repay the loan to the hospital on the terms contained in the Recruitment Agreement?

For adventurous physicians starting a practice, finding a location is the first step. For those with a busy surgical practice being close to a hospital is ideal and many hospitals own medical office buildings and can offer nice incentives to lease space. For the even more adventurous, finding a medical office condo is an option.

Regardless of the phase your business is in, when healthcare providers lease space fee splitting, Stark Law and the Anti Kickback Statute are considerations.

While your main focus during healthcare business transactions might be on the financial side, the legal side cannot be ignored. During these types of deals, you have to rely on an experienced attorney to make sure that everything is done correctly and to ensure that your interests are being protected. Whether you are hiring a new physician, opening a treatment center, selling or buying a facility or anything else, there are several rules and regulations that must be followed as well as licenses and agreements that must be acquired in order for you to proceed. Make sure you are getting proper advisement to ensure that you are taking care of every aspect of these proceedings.
The Florida Health Care Law Firm isavailable to assist you with all healthcare business transactions you may have. A common mistake made in these areas is when people rely on unproven sources like blogs and websites to gather their information. These are not moves and decisions you can make based on speculation. You need to work with an experienced attorney to make sure that everything all legal requirements are followed and also that your best interests are well protected. To speak with an experience lawyer, contact us today.

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