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As access to insurance coverage becomes available and alternative medical treatments gain mainstream acceptance, the acupuncture industry has evolved into a more formal piece of the healthcare continuum. Licensed acupuncturists are also faced with an increasing need for traditional business guidance and more nuanced counsel regarding healthcare laws. Our team is well positioned to provide insight on the acupuncture business model, compliant business structure, acupuncture billing requirements and more.

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By: Chase Howard

Thinking about joining an integrated or group practice? The average employment contract exceeds twenty pages, not including exhibits. While some parts might seem simple and non-legalistic, many simply do not contemplate important terms that have serious impacts on Acupuncturists daily lives. An employment contract is the most significant financial decision of an Acupuncturists lifetime. The same can be said for each subsequent contract, which means that understanding, and negotiating, your contract is the most valuable investment you can make prior to entering into a contract.

To understand what’s in your employment contract, simply read it over a few times. To understand not only how those terms affect you, but also what isn’t in your contract, hire an experienced health care lawyer. While it’s important to understand what is in your employment contract, it’s equally as important to know what is missing from the contract and what to ask in regards to what is included. The below list considers terms that are important both during and after employment.

The following are nine items you should consider including in or asking about your contract:

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By: Chase Howard

Reviewing a lease prior signing will save you extreme headache and cost in the long run. Landlords tend to act as if they have all of the power in negotiations and will make their own rules along the way. Lease negotiations are complex and involve significant business and legal considerations.

Here are guidelines to ensuring that your lease is reasonable and fair:

  1. Work With A Healthcare Focused Real Estate Agent: Working with an agent that knows healthcare space is important when it comes to issues involving zoning, fair market value of similar spaces, and important design features. Even just working with a real estate agent in general will help ensure that every aspect of the lease is considered and negotiated fairly, as well as contracted appropriately.
  2. Have Your Healthcare Attorney Review and Negotiate: Reviewing all the legal aspects of your lease will save you from disputes later on during the lease term. Not only will you need to understand the legal implications of each clause in the lease, but you will want to have the attorney ensure that the landlord and lease will be in compliance with any and all applicable healthcare and local regulations.

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By: Chase Howard

Deciding you want to open your own practice or start a business is the first and most important step in creating something unique and building a brand. Understanding how to properly “start” that business and doing so correctly can be the difference between success and failure.

As an Acupuncturist in a private, solo-practice or group practice, proper start-up is key. Understanding your corporate structure, developing a business plan, and compliance with the law will help eliminate pesky obstacles that will slow your growth.

When working with start-ups the following steps should be given plenty of time and attention.

  1. Corporate Structure
    1. Choosing the appropriate corporate form will have both tax and liability implications. Decisions have to be made between choosing an LLC, an Inc., or a PA. Once you choose the appropriate type of corporation, obtaining sound tax advice will permit you to limit tax liability and take advantage of certain deductions. For clients opening multiple locations or owning significant equipment, multiple corporations may be beneficial depending on the goal.

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