New Tens Unit Licensure Exemption Florida

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tens unitBy: Michael Silverman

Did you know? With the passage and recent implementation of Florida’s Senate Bill 1742 there is a new exemption in place for the otherwise required Home Medical Equipment (“HME”) license for providing TENS units to patients.

More specifically, as of July 1, 2020 MDs, DOs and DCs are now exempt from that HME licensure requirement so long as such licensed healthcare practitioners are engaged in the sale or rent of such electro stimulation equipment to their patients in the course of their practice.

This provides a tremendous advantage for those providers looking to add such therapies to their practices to provide more complete patient care without having to go through the time, expense and administrative burdens of obtaining an HME license for their practice through Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration.

Providers beware, however, that many other types of medical equipment they may wish to supply to their patients DO require the HME license in Florida. Many providers, have, over the years unknowingly provided TENS units to their patients without the requisite HME license.

Supplying such equipment without the HME license in place can subject the provider to serious consequences, so it’s vital to be aware of license requirements and exemptions for each type of equipment prior to providing it. And it you didn’t know, now you know!

adminNew Tens Unit Licensure Exemption Florida

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