Healthcare Regulatory Attorney

Healthcare regulatory attorneys are a rare breed.  There are many lawyers who can research healthcare regulatory issues and opine on how they may apply to a situation, but a seasoned healthcare regulatory attorney who can advise based on extensive experience and practical know-how is an unusual find.  Healthcare professionals and businesses are inundated with regulations that are hard to grasp.  Many of them don’t seem to make even common sense.  Even more, there is often a vast difference between what the healthcare regulation says and how its viewed and interpreted by regulators.

A seasoned healthcare regulatory attorney is one whose many years of experience dealing with the workings of healthcare businesses empower the lawyer to serve not only as a technician, but also a truly effective guide.  Healthcare clients value the experience of the attorney every bit as much as they value the lawyer’s technical knowledge.  And they should.  There is a vast difference between knowing the law and applying it.  And a seasoned healthcare regulatory attorney will be able to educate clients about not only the laws, but also the options and the risks of each option, including how those healthcare regulations are interpreted and applied by regulators and law enforcement.  Healthcare regulatory attorneys don’t just answer questions; they create solutions.

Healthcare regulatory attorneys are part business people and part technicians.  They spend their days interpreting and applying very complex regulations to business challenged faced by healthcare business clients.  Their job is to solve a problem and to enable the healthcare client to optimize their position in an often very competitive marketplace.

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