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Passed in the summer of 2021, the law called HB 241: Parents’ Bill of Rights seeks to put power over a child’s healthcare and education into the hands of parents.

This child healthcare law can prove critical for parents who want to ensure that they are allowed to make their own choices regarding their child’s medical care and education without being penalized by schools or government organizations.

This law is a win for parents, but it should also be a primary concern for healthcare businesses that work with children. In order to avoid fines and fees, healthcare businesses need to ensure that they are not only protecting parental rights to advocate for their children but also setting up structures and processes within their business that encourage parental involvement.

What Does the Parents Bill of Rights Require From Businesses?

The bill requires businesses that provide education and/or healthcare to children to open up pathways for parental involvement. It also requires parental consent before big decisions are made regarding medical care or education.

If it is determined that a business in any way impinged on parental rights, the business can incur legal and financial consequences.

What Does the Florida Law on Healthcare for Children Mean for Parents of Stepchildren?

In most custodial cases, stepparents do not have legal right to make medical or educational decisions for a stepchild. In the event that there is a power of attorney, guardianship, or other paperwork in place that places those rights with the stepparent, businesses will be equally required to gain their consent and increase pathways for their involvement with their stepchildren.

Does the Healthcare Law Covering Children Include Adult Children?

No. The law is specifically designed to protect a parent’s right to advocate for minor children. Once over the age of 18, children are considered adults and expected to advocate for themselves.

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