Examples of Medical Cases a Business Law Lawyer Could Handle

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business law lawyer floridaYou may think that your medical firm doesn’t need a business law lawyer. The three examples we provide here might change your mind.

Look over your organization chart, and you’ll see plenty of people who can handle common issues you’ll face. Human resources specialists, compliance officers, and safety officers are just a few of the staffers you can count on.

But if you don’t have access to a business law lawyer, you could be missing out on key protections that could impact both your business and your bottom line.

What Does a Business Law Lawyer Do?

All lawyers aren’t created equal. Some lawyers focus on specific types of work that apply directly to your work as a healthcare organization.

Business law lawyers are focused on the rules and regulations that govern commercial transactions. In a healthcare organization, that can mean:

  • Compliance. Are all aspects of your business handling their work in accordance with state and federal laws?
  • Employment. Are you striking the right balance between protecting your business and respecting your employees’ rights?
  • Contracts. If you have partners that deliver part of your work, are they acting in an ethical and protected manner?

If you don’t have a lawyer like this on staff, your Florida medical business really could be at risk.

3 Real-World Lawsuits

Plenty of other healthcare organizations have worked with business law lawyers in the past. Looking over their cases could entice you to do the same.

These are three examples:

  1. Florida: In 2018, a healthcare system was accused of recruiting physicians despite the knowledge of competing employment contracts that were in place.
  2. Tennessee: In 2019, a healthcare organization came under scrutiny for a set of processes involving unpaid medical bills. The policies seemed to discriminate against low-income people.
  3. Tennessee: In 2009, a medical association engaged in legal action against a recovery contractor. That subcontractor engaged in behavior the association disagreed with.

Any or all of these suits would benefit from the help of a business law lawyer, just like the ones we have on staff.

If you have a Florida medical business, we’d like to help you protect it. Contact us to find out about our services and what we can do for you.

adminExamples of Medical Cases a Business Law Lawyer Could Handle

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