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Protecting Your Healthcare License Defense

June 17, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


medical license defense

Attorney Susan St. John  will present this live lunch n’ learn webinar for attendees who desire to learn more about healthcare license defense and will focus on the following points:


• Practicing vs. Owning a Business

• Causes of and Procedure for Discipline

  • Recent Convictions and the landscape today

• Fines, Penalties and Licensure Ramifications

If you have ever been the recipient of a Florida state agency’s (i.e. Department of Health, AHCA, etc.) notice regarding an adverse action, such as a Notice of Intent to Deny, licensure application, renewal or change of ownership, you probably received an Election of Rights form along with the agency’s notice. The Election of Rights form must be completed and returned to the agency within 21 days of receiving the agency’s notice. In completing the Election of Rights form, you are given three options to choose from in deciding how you want to respond to the agency’s notice. Learn more about your healthcare license defense rights here.


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