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Drug and Alcohol Recovery Businesses

The drug and alcohol treatment recovery industry in Florida is a particularly dynamic segment of healthcare that requires highly qualified counsel. In fact, there is probably no part of the healthcare sector other than the drug and alcohol treatment industry that faces as much scrutiny and challenge today. The Florida Healthcare Law Firm has represented drug and alcohol treatment facilities and businesses in the recovery space with a team of attorneys who routinely provide healthcare legal advice that pertains to things like:

  • Financial hardship waivers
  • Proper marketing services agreements
  • The provision of clinical lab services and permissible relationships re the
  • provision of clinical lab services
  • Structuring proper medical director agreements
  • Corporate structuring designed to reduce kickback and brokering exposure
  • Compliance with kickback and patient brokering laws
  • Advice regarding the provision of expanded medical services
  • Compliance plans designed to ensure regulatory compliance and reduction of payer audits and adverse outcomes
  • Help getting paid by insurers and preventing payer “clawbacks”
  • As the field of substance abuse treatment evolves from largely therapeutic treatment into an increasingly medical space, drug and alcohol treatment facilities must ensure best practices and standards of care are being followed by the healthcare providers treating their patients. Healthcare laws that might not have applied in a therapeutic setting are gaining new teeth as physicians, nurses, laboratories and pharmacies are called upon to treat patients suffering from addiction. Recovery business owners must now step up and learn about laws that seemed inapplicable, must now somehow incorporate the medical model into their business structure, develop compliance plans and take responsibility for ensuring that their staff know the laws and how to comply with them.

    Counsel that has experience with many types of medical businesses, like medical practices, surgery centers, durable medical equipment and such have long been schooled regarding such laws and how to navigate them. The practice of law is expansive, and finding the right lawyer to suit a treatment facility’s needs is important. Lawyers who specialize in healthcare law have the skills required to navigate these complex laws and to explain how they apply to each facility’s issues.

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