A Business Law Lawyer in Florida: A Healthcare Organization’s Best Friend

February 9th, 2021 by

business law lawyer floridaDon’t face legal challenges alone. A business law lawyer can help you address problems head on, and together, you can craft programs to help you avoid future headaches. Learn how.

Far too many healthcare organizations believe they can head off legal challenges (or prevent them from cropping up in the first place) without the help of a business law lawyer. 

As one of the top firms offering business law lawyers in Florida, we’re here to tell you this just isn’t true. 

Every healthcare organization deserves competent, qualified legal counsel. Those that invest in help tend to experience far fewer complications than their counterparts do. 

Let us explain. 

3 Cringeworthy Medical Law Examples 

A business law lawyer is concerned with the ins and outs of the way you run your organization. The details may seem small and insignificant. But get them wrong, and the consequences can be severe.

Here are three recent examples any executive would be wise to study:

  1. Data sharing: A medical center in Chicago formed a partnership with Google to explore how technology could uncover hidden medical conditions. Patients allege that the documentation shared violated their privacy. 
  2. Crisis management: A hospital in Iowa faced many different lawsuits coming right after the other. The team allegedly attempted to bury the news, which became a reputation problem. 
  3. Employee spending: A hospital in Kentucky held back money from paychecks to cover health insurance premiums. Officials allegedly used the money for other purposes. 

In some of these examples, a business law lawyer could have averted disaster. In others, counsel could clean up the mess and prevent future problems. 

How to Hire a Business Law Lawyer 

Plenty of legal professionals specialize in the details of corporate affairs. But medical teams need a little bit more. The rules and regulations that surround healthcare are obtuse, and an expert can do more than a novice. 

If you need help from a business law lawyer in Florida, consider our firm. We have decades of combined experience in serving hospitals, health plans, and other affiliated clinics. We’d love to talk with you. 

Top Reasons a Doctor Needs a Litigation Lawyer in Florida

December 20th, 2020 by

Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm, the finest litigation lawyer in Florida,and learn discover how our financially-savvy attorneys can help you in and out of the courtroom.

Everyone knows that not all attorneys are created equally. As a physician or healthcare facility you can’t rely on a generic attorney. You need the best litigation lawyer in Florida—Florida Healthcare Law Firm. With more than 150 years of collective experience we know healthcare in and out. Moreover, we do not just deal with transactions, we are seasoned courtroom attorneys who can prepare a case and take it to court if necessary. What makes our legal team stand out among the rest is that we are specialists in corporate and financial matters, as well as healthcare regulations, trends and policies. This includes the areas of pharmacy and dentistry.

It’s easy to get legal advice on the internet, but many medical providers can get into trouble without knowing the nitty-gritty of state regulations and reforms. That’s why we recommend consulting with our experienced team—the finest litigation lawyer Florida has to offer. Don’t let legal matters mount up until they threaten your practice, licensure and financial security. The scenarios vary: A patient may have an issue with one of your services. Or you may be the victim of a telehealth claim scam. Or you may be the subject of a complicated ZPIC audit because you have been mistakenly accused of fraud. As a result, your stress level can soar as you try to manage legalities along with patients. Don’t go it alone. We can partner with you.

We make available to you a complete menu of services. Our business law lawyer in Florida can guide you through many legal issues that affect your practice’s daily operations and personnel. For example, our attorneys can help you draft a contract for a new hire or review an existing agreement. Another excellent reason to hire a fiscally-minded attorney is if you are considering opening a health clinic, which will require precise legal eyes to assist with licensure. Are you thinking of leasing new office space? We can advise you before you make a decision. Equal Employment Opportunity questions? Our team has the answers. If you are practicing with other physicians, have you planned for unexpected buy-ins or buy-outs? The latter could hinge on hard assets or deferred compensation, but the key knows how to anticipate this situation. Don’t wait until you are being sued or are stuck without a contract. Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today for a free consultation.

How Healthcare Recovery Attorneys Make Debt Collection Easy for Doctors

December 19th, 2020 by

If you are a doctor who needs needs expert assistance with debt collection, contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm and partner with healthcare recovery attorneys who can easily resolve pay or issues.

Debt collection for doctors, medical practices and hospitals has never been easy. Payor issues have always been a battle, and the statistics bear that out. How big a deal is bad medical debt? A leading financial services company found that in 2009, about 44% of consumers had racked up some type of medical debt. By 2020, that number increased to 61%, particularly in the wake of Covid-19. Consumers are in the red for medical procedures and doctor visits, but with more and more patients delaying elective surgeries—the bread and butter of hospital revenue—hospital executives are counting on collecting on bills to insulate their finances. Going after that money is going to get tougher; analysts predict U.S. consumers will likely owe about $115 billion in medical expenses by the end of 2020. What about securing government funded assistance, aka Medicaid? This is an important issue for physicians. How can doctors make good on what’s owed them? Hiring a sharp, experienced team player from Florida Healthcare Law Firm, the best healthcare recovery attorney team in the industry, is a wise solution. We collectively boast 150 years’ experience solely in medical-related legal issues so we’re not only on your side, we know your business.

In addition to securing third-party funds or negotiating debt from uncooperative patients, a healthcare practice attorney is your partner as you manage your practice or facility. Our skilled team works side by side with you on a variety of issues that may be taking up unnecessary time from your busy schedule. We specialize in medical legalities so we know the current regulations, trends and issues you are facing. Statewide and nationally, we are at the forefront of payor issues, compliance, hiring and firing, business operations and transactions, telemedicine, technology, durable medical equipment and much more. We are a unique boutique firm that delves into each issue with a depth and breadth of knowledge that our competitors don’t have.

So when you’re looking for a Florida health law attorney who has handled everything from orchestrating bond-financed $90 million medical facilities to ensuring financial raises and providing advice on daily operations for maximum efficiency in a tiny practice, you can count on our seasoned team to represent you. We offer flat-fee pricing and a money-back guarantee. That’s how sure we are that we can help you reach your goals. Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm for a free consultation today.

Why a Business Law Lawyer Will Save You Time Managing Your Practice

December 18th, 2020 by

To make the smartest financial and operational decisions for your medical practice, contact the area’s sharpest and most experienced business law lawyer at Florida Healthcare Law Firm.

Most physicians agree that managing a medical practice goes far beyond treating patients. The heart and soul of a doctor’s mission is to help people.Yet for many solo practitioners or new physicians, the countless related tasks that come along with managing daily operations can steal precious time better spent with patients. In fact, a whopping 50% of doctors’ time is spent on administrative paperwork. Compare that with only about a quarter of their time treating patients. If you’re like the majority of physicians polled by Forbes, then you likely need a sharp, experienced business law lawyer at Florida Healthcare Law Firm to make sure you’re not only relieved of some of the burden, but you’re also getting it right. Fatigue sets in quickly in the healthcare field, especially during this stressful year. Let us be your system of checks and balances.

With more than 150 years’ collective experience, we are the best business law lawyer Florida has to offer because we specialize in healthcare. We don’t dabble in this field. Our work, our passion and our background are exclusively in the medical arena, so you never have to worry that we don’t understand your concerns or the intricacies you face as you manage your practice or facility. Consider contracts, for example. If you are a new physician or entering a new practice, before you sign on the dotted line, you would be wise to hire our expert legal team to ensure that your best interests are upheld. You need to know understand and negotiate properly. After all, this momentous decision will have major ramifications on future decisions and can be the wisest investment of your time to launch or further your career.

What will our seasoned business law lawyer in Florida look for? Having reviewed and negotiated contracts for countless healthcare clients, we will clarify terminology, check supervisory duties, confirm any pro-rated compensation that you’re due and explore partnership or ownership potential. We’ll even check for pending litigation involving your future employer. These matters can best be handled by a solid legal team that works solely with healthcare professionals. In addition, we can help you negotiate a managed care contract, provide legal advice on telemedicine, help you start a treatment center, protect you when you buy or sell a practice and defend you against a ZPIC audit. We can even counsel you on hiring and firing issues. Be sure you make the best decisions and hire Florida Healthcare Law Firm.


Not All Florida Healthcare Lawyers Are Created Equally

November 25th, 2020 by

Florida healthcare lawIf you are a medical provider or facility and need the best legal advice for your business, contact the experienced teammate Florida Healthcare Law Firm and see why our florida healthcare lawyers go above and beyond the average legal team.

If you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or medical provider and you need legal advice that also makes good business sense, then you should never settle for a cookie cutter team of attorneys that simply dabbles in generic cases. You need experts with laser-beam focus on medicine and how it interacts with finance. You need the pros at Florida Healthcare Law Firm. Our florida healthcare lawyers don’t accept mediocre results. We guarantee success because of our collective experience—150 years of specialization in medicine. And our results get noticed. Eight prestigious awards can’t be wrong. We aren’t your average firm. Our accolades and distinctive rankings in some of the country’s most prestigious legal firm listings include Legal Elite, AV Preeminent—the highest peer ranked level of professional excellence, communication skills and ethics. Our reputation is sterling among our colleagues and our clients.

So you may be wondering: if our focus is exclusively medicine, is our menu of services narrow? Not at all. Here’s what we can help you navigate: payor issues, technology and medical devices, hiring and termination, compliance and audits, telehealth and telemedicine, business operations, business transactions (including start-ups), dental, pharmaceutical and acupuncture. Florida healthcare law can be complicated. Don’t go it alone. We have the team that will sit with you and tailor our meetings to suit your needs alone. We’re guided by a mission that’s rooted in honesty, humility, accountability, passion, creativity, value and even fun in a friendly office atmosphere where we know every client’s name. Yes, we can turn even the most challenging complex issues into educational experiences that will help you make better business decisions in the future. With exceptional customer service and 24/7 response, our professionals will respond. Don’t wait until your small business problems become large issues that could compromise the integrity of your practice and your career. Hire Florida Healthcare Law Firm today.

Your Next Healthcare Regulatory Compliance Audit Can Be a Breeze

November 24th, 2020 by

health care law attorney FloridaIt’s possible to keep your patients’ best interests first and have a stress-free healthcare regulatory compliance audit with the expert help of Florida Healthcare Law Firm, seasoned leaders in the field of medical business legalities.

How many medical practitioners look forward to their next healthcare regulatory compliance audit? Not many…probably because just about everything a physician or hospital needs to do requires following state and federal requirements. The road to comply can be a bumpy one, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a legal coaching staff on the sidelines to guide you through the entire playbook. That’s were Florida Healthcare Law Firm comes in. Our toolbox is deep. In particular, one area that we can navigate for you is the complicated state and federal anti-kickback statutes (patient brokering act). Self-referrals can be a sticky situation. Don’t be caught in a position that jeopardizes your reputation or your practice. We can give you our legal opinion, a brief explanation of the regulations or a full-blown analysis. In addition to anti-kickback advice, we can make sure you’re adhering to guidelines for fee-splitting, fraud and abuse, HIPAA and emergency medical treatment. We cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ to ensure you’re following the rules.

Sometimes, as a medical professional, you might not even know which issues are on the front-burner. You’re swimming in a sea of paperwork that’s squeezing out precious time caring for patients. In this case, you need the best health care law attorney Florida can offer, with 150 years’ combined experience on your side. We know how to weed out the top-tier issues. We understand their significance and can set up a legal plan for your practice or facility, so you don’t get caught playing catch-up. For payor problems to telehealth, hiring, firing, technology, pharmacy, dentistry, even acupuncture, we’ve got your back. Look to us not only for expertise, but for complete transparency, unparalleled value, warmth, respect, creativity and total responsibility for our actions and decisions. Why else would we guarantee success or your money back? Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm and see how we exceed clients’ expectations every time.

The Most Savvy Business Law Lawyer in Florida Devotes 100% to Your Case

September 15th, 2020 by

Business Law Lawyer in FloridaContact Florida Healthcare Law Firm to secure the most knowledgeable business law lawyer in Florida who will focus solely on the needs of your medical practice or facility.

It takes a myriad of skills to become a savvy business law lawyer in Florida, but at or near the top of the list of requisite traits is understanding. The team at Florida Healthcare Law Firm has this keen knowledge of the medical field and what matters most to the doctors and hospitals that depend on us for their legal protection. We are not simply dotting each ‘i’ and crossing each ‘t’ in every legal contract. We do much more. We become your partner and an active member of your team to ensure that while you are busy focusing on treating your patients, we are making sure that your newly hired colleague adheres to his or her obligations before moving away suddenly or the Medicare ZPIC audit issue to you is legitimate or the off-hours x-ray film readings you are doing are being compensated. Our attorneys are laser focused on how state rules and regulations can impact our everyday practice. We work solely with healthcare providers and continue to use creativity to ensure that your practice doesn’t just maintain status quo…it will grow.

Other hallmarks of a savvy team of attorneys is their professional listings, testimonials and accolades. Florida Healthcare Law Firm has been recognized in prestigious journals and listings such as ‘Legal Elite,’ ‘Modern Healthcare,’ ‘Super Lawyers,’ ‘Best Lawyers’ (the world’s premier guide) and ‘AV Preeminent’ (the highest ranking in a peer-related professional listing). Countless testimonials from practitioners ranging from surgeons to radiologists and anesthesia groups praise our dedication to each client. With 24/7 service, compassion, humility, transparency, accountability, passion and remarkable value, we provide cost-effective legal guidance that exceeds your expectations. When it comes to business law, our firm speaks your medical language and understands your financial challenges. Every lawyer assigned to your case stays abreast of the ever-changing regulations driven by the State of Florida. From pay or issues to telemedicine, operations, acupuncture, pharmacy, dental, medical devices and technology, we stand beside you. Count on Florida Healthcare Law Firm’s savvy and longstanding expertise to partner with you every step of the way.

The Debate Over Physician Owned Hospitals

June 8th, 2020 by

florida healthcare law firm physician owned hospitalsBy: Dave Davidson

The debate over the pro’s and con’s of physician-owned hospitals has been raging for decades. Physician-owners say their hospitals are more patient-focused, provide higher quality care, obtain better outcomes and therefore receive higher patient satisfaction scores. They also point out their convenience and efficiency.

Opponents argue that physician-ownership leads to overutilization and cherry-picking of only the best patients. The less-desirable patients (both clinically and financially) are then left to be taken care of by the community hospitals. For those reasons, both the American Hospital Association and the Federation of American Hospitals remain strongly opposed to physician-owned hospitals.

Federally, the Stark Law includes an exception which allows a physician to refer patients to a hospital in which the physician has an ownership interest, so long as the ownership interest is in the entire hospital, and not just a subdivision of the hospital. However, in 2010, the federal government weighed in again on the issue, and passed the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which includes provisions which (i) restrict physician referrals to hospitals in which they hold an ownership interest; (ii) restrict any increases in physician-ownership of a hospital; and (iii) restrict expansion of physician-owned hospital facilities. CMS has granted exceptions to these restrictions, but those have been limited to rural hospitals and high Medicaid hospitals, and attempts to amend the law have failed. read more