What Is Mobile IV Therapy?

February 3rd, 2022 by

Mobile IV therapy connects patients with highly valuable intravenous drop therapies in their homes, eliminating the often difficult — and sometimes impossible — trip to the hospital for treatment.

Traditionally, IV therapy has been supported only in hospital or clinic settings, limiting accessibility for patients who could greatly benefit from the therapy.

Thankfully, IV mobile therapy is increasingly more common as patients seek out the ability to get the care they need at home.

What Is Mobile IV Therapy?

IV mobile therapy provides the benefits of an intravenous drip infusion in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home.

Just as a patient would receive in the hospital, the IV is set up to deliver fluids directly into the bloodstream.

Everything from hydration treatments to vitamin and nutrient delivery can be delivered via mobile IV therapy, helping patients to get lifesaving treatment as well as treatments designed to improve overall health and wellness.

What Is Advanced Mobile IV Therapy?

Advanced mobile IV therapy may go beyond the basics of hydration and vitamin/nutrient infusions, providing more intensive treatments delivered by IV to the home setting.

For example, chemotherapy or blood transfusions may be classified as advanced mobile IV therapy treatments since they will typically require a certified medical provider to deliver these specific treatments.

How Do I Start a Mobile IV Therapy Business?

Starting a mobile IV therapy business as a standalone or as an add-on to a current home care business is a very simple process once you have the right paperwork, credentials, and tools in hand to make sure the business is in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Legal Help for Mobile IV Therapy Businesses

If you would like assistance setting up a mobile IV therapy business or adding this level of care to a current home care business, contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today. We can help you streamline the process so your business is up and running in no time.

IV Therapy Clinics: Take Note of IV Supervision Requirements

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Can I Provide in-home or mobile IV Therapy?

March 24th, 2021 by

By: Chase Howard

IV hydration therapy has many applications and purposes. In the most common cases, the purpose is for post-surgery recovery or wellness optimization. IV therapy businesses that want to offer a more concierge type of service by offering mobile or in-home services, need to be aware of Florida home health agency laws and regulations.

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