The Most Savvy Business Law Lawyer in Florida Devotes 100% to Your Case

September 15th, 2020 by

Business Law Lawyer in FloridaContact Florida Healthcare Law Firm to secure the most knowledgeable business law lawyer in Florida who will focus solely on the needs of your medical practice or facility.

It takes a myriad of skills to become a savvy business law lawyer in Florida, but at or near the top of the list of requisite traits is understanding. The team at Florida Healthcare Law Firm has this keen knowledge of the medical field and what matters most to the doctors and hospitals that depend on us for their legal protection. We are not simply dotting each ‘i’ and crossing each ‘t’ in every legal contract. We do much more. We become your partner and an active member of your team to ensure that while you are busy focusing on treating your patients, we are making sure that your newly hired colleague adheres to his or her obligations before moving away suddenly or the Medicare ZPIC audit issue to you is legitimate or the off-hours x-ray film readings you are doing are being compensated. Our attorneys are laser focused on how state rules and regulations can impact our everyday practice. We work solely with healthcare providers and continue to use creativity to ensure that your practice doesn’t just maintain status quo…it will grow.

Other hallmarks of a savvy team of attorneys is their professional listings, testimonials and accolades. Florida Healthcare Law Firm has been recognized in prestigious journals and listings such as ‘Legal Elite,’ ‘Modern Healthcare,’ ‘Super Lawyers,’ ‘Best Lawyers’ (the world’s premier guide) and ‘AV Preeminent’ (the highest ranking in a peer-related professional listing). Countless testimonials from practitioners ranging from surgeons to radiologists and anesthesia groups praise our dedication to each client. With 24/7 service, compassion, humility, transparency, accountability, passion and remarkable value, we provide cost-effective legal guidance that exceeds your expectations. When it comes to business law, our firm speaks your medical language and understands your financial challenges. Every lawyer assigned to your case stays abreast of the ever-changing regulations driven by the State of Florida. From pay or issues to telemedicine, operations, acupuncture, pharmacy, dental, medical devices and technology, we stand beside you. Count on Florida Healthcare Law Firm’s savvy and longstanding expertise to partner with you every step of the way.

In Florida Medical Attorney Advice Can Save Your Healthcare Practice Money

September 14th, 2020 by

Florida Medical AttorneyFor healthcare professionals, who want the best legal from an experienced Florida medical attorney, contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm and save money as you navigate the legal complexities of operating a practice or facility.

The field of medicine is indeed a marriage of technology and humanity…science and art. But the reality for most practicing physicians is the day to day number crunching and looming complexities of navigating the legal and financial burdens of operating an office or hospital. A recent article in the AMA’s Journal of Ethics cited the burgeoning cost of healthcare, the confusion of understanding the cost, the puzzlement of interpreting the vocabulary of insurance firms and the need for physicians to “take ownership of their clinical decisions.” In Florida, healthcare practitioners or administrators who seriously want to get a handle on their earnings, costs and operations management expenses should employ the best medical attorney available,and Florida Healthcare Law Firm is the source for superb legal counseling and a team who cares about, and focuses on, healthcare providers exclusively.

Perhaps you are looking to negotiate a managed care contract, start a treatment center, obtain a license for DME, sell or buy a healthcare business, defend yourself against a ZPIC audit (typically initiated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid), hire or terminate a physician in your practice or implement new and complex policies and procedures. Perhaps you simply need guidance in creating a legally binding employee handbook for your healthcare staff. In each of these cases in Florida and throughout the nation, our unparalleled team of legal experts can help you. Every medical attorney we employ is solely focused and trained in the area of healthcare law. With 150 years’ combined experience, we know our ‘stuff.’ Imagine the unnecessary costs you could incur without trained legal counsel as you make these difficult decisions. Imagine the time wasted that could be better spent with your patients. We offer free consultations, flat-fee pricing and a money-back guarantee because we know that our record of success, accountability and transparency will boost your business. Contact Florida Healthcare Law Firm today to save your practice time and money.

Dentist Employment Contracts

September 9th, 2020 by Chase Howard

A dentist’s first employer agreement is just as important as their last one. While all contracts include basic terms regarding compensation and restrictions, many simply do not contemplate important terms that have impacts on Dentist’s daily lives. Understanding, and negotiating, your contracts is the most valuable investment you can make prior to entering into a contract.

To understand what’s in your employment contract, simply read it over a few times. To understand not only how those terms affect you, but also what isn’t in your contract, hire an experienced health care lawyer. read more

OIG’s Audit found Medicare Contractors Were Not Consistent in How They Reviewed Extrapolated Overpayments in the Provider Appeals Process

September 1st, 2020 by

oig auditBy: Karina P. Gonzalez

When an overpayment is identified in Medicare Part A or B claims, providers can contest the overpayment amount by using the Medicare administrative appeals process.  Because of the large difference between overpayment amount in a sample from an extrapolated amount, the OIG states that it is critical for the review process during an appeal to be fair and consistent. In the first and second levels of Medicare appeals (redetermination and reconsideration) extrapolated overpayments are reviewed by MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractors) and by QICs (Qualified Independent Contractors).

The OIG audit was to make sure that the MACs and the QICs reviewed the appealed extrapolated overpayments consistently and in compliance with CMS requirements.

What OIG found was that CMS did not always provide sufficient guidance and oversight to ensure that these reviews were performed in a consistent manner.  The most significant inconsistency identified was the use of a type of simulation testing that was performed only by a subset of contractors.  The test was associated with at least $42 million in extrapolated overpayments that were overturned in fiscal years 2017 and 2018. read more

Pharmacists Authority To Give Vaccinations Expanded By HHS

August 26th, 2020 by

pharmacists giving childhood vaccinesBy: Zach Simpson

On August 19, an amendment to the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act was announced by HHS which allows pharmacists in every state to now administer childhood vaccinations to children ages 3 and older, subject to several requirements,

  • The vaccine must be approved or licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The vaccination must be ordered and administered according to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) immunization schedules.
  • The licensed pharmacist must complete a practical training program of at least 20 hours that is approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). This training program must include hands-on injection technique, clinical evaluation of indications and contraindications of vaccines, and the recognition and treatment of emergency reactions to vaccines.

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How Healthcare Recovery Attorneys Are the Key to Debt Collection

August 25th, 2020 by

Healthcare Recovery AttorneysTo ease financial burden and ensure proper claim processing, contact FHLF and learn how our expert healthcare recovery attorneys will guide your medical facility’s collection efforts and maximize reimbursement.

For medical practices and facilities—whether big or small—collecting accounts receivable are an ongoing worry. Bad debt, secondary insurance processing, billing and claim filing can make or break cash flow for your business. Maybe you are feeling that insurance companies are tremendously underpaying you. Or perhaps you know that you are compliant with billing regulations and coding, but your payor has not adhered to your contract. Healthcare recovery can be an exhausting process. With our seasoned team of attorneys who specialize in medical law, we understand the nuances of payor issues and can help you quickly and efficiently, while treating your patients fairly, as well. We are advocates and advisors who make your case our #1 priority. With comprehensive solutions-driven planning, our team is ready to serve you immediately, drawing on 150 years’ collective experience in the medical law arena.

Under the umbrella of healthcare compliance and regulatory services, we can assist your practice with both in-network and out-of-network scenarios. For the past 25 years, fraud and abuse have been rife in private and public sectors. Many practices therefore employ auditing companies for quarterly or annual assessments. But individual payer interaction is just as, or even more important than, a periodic progress report. Ultimately this keeps a blueprint, or paper trail, of denials and payments. We offer convenient flat free screenings for these exact purposes. Likewise, out-of-network insurers sometimes accuse providers of waiving copays or deductibles so they can wiggle their way out of paying a provider or so they can regain what the amount they originally paid. We can advise you on your legal rights to ensure efficient payment and avoid payer recoupment. And if you’re still not sure you want to hire us, rest assured we have a 15-minute complimentary consultation. Give us the opportunity to show you why our team has been awarded elite and superior ratings among our competition. Contact FHLF today.

A Medical Attorney Can Save Your Practice or Facility Time and Money

August 24th, 2020 by

Medical AttorneyContact FHLF to learn how an expert medical attorney can improve your practice, facility or business, protect your assets and save you time better spent with patients.

Years ago, people may have pigeonholed a medical attorney as a legal eagle specializing in malpractice. Today, however, lawyers in the field of medicine do far more than represent physicians wrongly accused. And the need for their skills is growing each day; in fact, the U.S. government predicts a steady uptick through 2026. In a field where technology and telemedicine are booming, compliance issues are becoming more complicated and regulation and consent are increasingly rigid, physicians, pharmacists, imaging centers, homecare businesses, physical therapists and hospitals need a full array of services from an experienced legal team. This is where FHLF can help. We have reshaped the way law firms represent these professionals and are fully dedicated to representing solely this industry. From operations to hiring and firing, payor issues, telehealth, intellectual property and technology and transactions, our expert team is available 24/7 with complete transparency to protect your integrity and safeguard your success.

Hospitals, outpatient facilities and physician or dental practices know firsthand that third-party reimbursement can be a nightmare. That’s why an experienced healthcare recovery attorney from ‘domain name’ is essential if you want to free up time for your patients and safeguard your assets. We understand how to use the law to your advantage. And we know how to deal with uncooperative patients, handle liability and resolve claim disputes. We can even make good on accounts that might have been written off as bad debt years ago. With our 150 years of combined experience, our legal staff have successfully litigated thousands of cases. Private, public, big or small—your business is important to us. We connect what lawyers know to what you do. In the ever-changing industry of medicine, you need a specialist in your corner; hiring any lawyer is not good enough. Contact our award-winning team at FHLF today to schedule a complimentary consultation and let us get to work for you.

Why a Healthcare Business Law and Lawyer Service in Florida Is Needed

August 22nd, 2020 by

Business Law and LawyerFor experts in healthcare business law and a lawyer in Florida that makes your case a priority, contact FHLF and see why our team of professional attorneys will work for your best interests in issues ranging from compliance to telemedicine.

If you are a physician, dentist or healthcare facility owner, when was the last time you thought of protecting your brand? Or your hiring and firing policies? How have you kept up with the latest telemedicine regulations, or the new written consent required for pelvic exams? All of these issues carry with them the complications of legal burdens and ramifications. For these reasons and more, a healthcare business law firm is essential in order to ease your legal worries and give you more time to spend with what matters most: your patients. If you are searching for the best lawyer to represent your Florida medical practice, then FHLF is your answer. We use our collective 150 years of experience to serve the legal needs of medical facilities and practices exclusively. That means that our training, specialty and firsthand knowledge meld to form the best marriage of legal and medical expertise. We have received accolades in the preeminent and elite tier of legal services and are proud to boast our ranking in the World’s Premiere Guide of Best Attorneys.

The complexities of the legal issues that underlie a medical or dental business shouldn’t consume a healthcare professional, which is why you need a law team dedicated to your needs. But expertise is only part of the package. In addition to our specialized skill set, we also offer you intangible values that will make your lawyer – client relationship successful. First, we make sure our advice is useful and practical and affordable. Second, we build rapport with our clients and develop lasting professional relationships so you can turn to us for legal counsel in Florida throughout your career. Moreover, we promise complete transparency and accountability throughout any interaction. Honest and respectful communication is a hallmark of our entire operation. And we make it a point to empathize with each client, seeing things from your point of view to forge a healthy partnership. From telemedicine to operations, technology, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, payor issues and compliance, we are up to date and innovative guardians of your legal needs. Contact FHLF today and we will exceed your expectations.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – Acupuncturist Employment Contracts

August 20th, 2020 by

acupuncture doctors floridaBy: Chase Howard

Thinking about joining an integrated or group practice? The average employment contract exceeds twenty pages, not including exhibits. While some parts might seem simple and non-legalistic, many simply do not contemplate important terms that have serious impacts on Acupuncturists daily lives. An employment contract is the most significant financial decision of an Acupuncturists lifetime. The same can be said for each subsequent contract, which means that understanding, and negotiating, your contract is the most valuable investment you can make prior to entering into a contract.

To understand what’s in your employment contract, simply read it over a few times. To understand not only how those terms affect you, but also what isn’t in your contract, hire an experienced health care lawyer. While it’s important to understand what is in your employment contract, it’s equally as important to know what is missing from the contract and what to ask in regards to what is included. The below list considers terms that are important both during and after employment.

The following are nine items you should consider including in or asking about your contract:

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Lease Considerations – Acupuncture Practices

August 20th, 2020 by

real estate lease for medical buildingBy: Chase Howard

Reviewing a lease prior signing will save you extreme headache and cost in the long run. Landlords tend to act as if they have all of the power in negotiations and will make their own rules along the way. Lease negotiations are complex and involve significant business and legal considerations.

Here are guidelines to ensuring that your lease is reasonable and fair:

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