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business law floridaBusiness law Florida” is a misleading term when it involves any healthcare business or professional.  Why?  Because healthcare professionals and healthcare businesses are perhaps the most highly regulated industries.  Hence knowledge of business law in Florida is just a preliminary matter involving a healthcare business or healthcare professional.  Issues like buying or selling a healthcare business might seem to fall squarely within business law Florida, and yet, they do not.  To stop at business law issues would be to miss essential matters like the need to state licenses before the business can be bought to sold and the need to structure the transaction in a way the allows the business to keep functioning and billing for products or services.  Issues like drafting employment agreements or even establishing the corporate structure of a business might seem to fall under business law Florida.  And yet, given the complexity of issues like the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Stark Law and how these complex issues affect things like the timing of a transaction, the form of it and the sustainability of both the business and the industry in which it arises are all essential elements and fall outside the purview of business law Florida.

Business law Florida is a starting point for nearly all healthcare lawyers.  And yet it is only a starting point.  It gives context to learning healthcare regulatory issues that layer into traditional business law Florida.  And this requires the healthcare lawyer to blend both state and federal regulatory compliance and business law in Florida early on in order to chart the best course and avoid costly mistakes and delays.



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