Aesthetic Clinics and Regulation – What’s Happening?

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supervision requirements for medspaBy: Chase Howard

Over the last few months, there has been a significant uptick in investigations in the “medical spa” space. The biggest points of enforcement have been in regards to supervision and scope of practice.

The various governing bodies have taken a more active role in ensuring that providers are providing services within their scope of practice as wells as enforcing the various supervision statutes.

There’s a variety of regulations governing scope of practice and supervision which creates a significant amount of confusion. Here is a limited chart explaining certain provider’s scope of practice and supervision requirements as of 2020. As a reminder, these regulations can change regularly (for example, physicians can now supervise electrologists via telehealth so long as they are within 150 miles of the location, among a few other limitations).

adminAesthetic Clinics and Regulation – What’s Happening?

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