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Health care law firm lawyers and attorney

Florida Healthcare Law Firm Attorney

The Florida Healthcare Law Firm provides a wide variety of legal services to physicians, medical practices and many healthcare businesses such as medical staffs, surgery centers, imaging centers, drug & alcohol treatment centers and home health agencies.

The Mission

Our mission is simple: Provide legal guidance to healthcare professionals and businesses with great integrity. For us, integrity means excellence, honesty, transparency and experience. The Florida Healthcare Law Firm isn't just a "big firm alternative" or just another "boutique." We're not offering a better catch phrase or a clever name. We are redefining the way law firms represent healthcare professionals and businesses. We have addressed and improved upon every deficiency clients often find in law firms – a lack of transparency, uncertain or nickel & dime pricing, poor communication, and inexperienced lawyers who clients end up paying to learn the basics. Instead, you will find the following at the Florida Healthcare Law Firm:

  • Complimentary 15 minute initial phone consults for new clients
  • Charges like faxes, everyday copies, calls under 5 minutes, administrative fees, etc. are on us
  • Flat Fee Pricing Arrangements
  • Only experienced lawyers with proven experience
  • Accountability and accessibility
  • A real commitment to getting results in the most cost effective, business smart way

It Is Personal

Over the years, phrases in business like "nothing personal" or "it's just business" have become commonplace. We think those sayings are simply wrong. We take what we do personally and we treat you like family. We haven't forgotten our basic values and we don't play games with you. Everyone at the Florida Healthcare Law firm is committed to restoring common sense and basic values to the practice of law. Simply put, we are committed to doing the "right thing." If you look at our "Core Values" and "Best Practices" we think you''ll agree that the ideas and expectations set forth are refreshing. At the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, we believe in what we do. And it IS personal.

The History

The firm was founded by Jeffrey L. Cohen, a Florida board certified healthcare attorney with nearly 30 years of healthcare law experience and is comprised of highly experienced attorneys who also bring knowledge and practical advice to our diverse group of clients.

Thank you for being an important member of the medical and healthcare community. We look forward to working with you.


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